New Owners 2018

In Late October 2018, L&L Logistics, owned by Lisa Nebel and Leonard Smith, acquired the two vehicles, phone number, and all multimedia assets including this website, Facebook, twitter and other online social media accounts and logo files from the former owner “Grab -A- Cab, LLC.” The previous owner still retains the original company “Grab -A- Cab, LLC” until it is dissolved. We now operate as L&L Logistics d.b.a. Grab A Cab Taxi Service. We look forward to providing safe, reliable and clean transportation for the Brainerd Lakes Area residents and visitors.

We are making every effort to reach out to clients who had existing contracts with the former owner for transportation services. We are unfortunately having difficulties locating and contacting all of those who may have had a lapse in their service during the transition. If you had, or would like to start a contract for scheduled service, please contact us to restart or begin new service.

We are excited about our new adventure, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

-Lisa Nebel and Leonard Smith


L&L Logistics d.b.a. Grab A Cab Taxi Service is not responsible or liable for any previous business activities by Grab -A- Cab, LLC nor by Ronnie Schnichels. Any business dealings with Grab -A- Cab, LLC will need to be addressed with Ronnie directly as this is a new business and is not in any way connected with the previous owner.
L&L Logistics d.b.a Grab A Cab Taxi Service