At Grab -A- Cab, we believe that image is everything. We’ve gone to great lengths to provide our customers with the most comfortable ride possible, starting with our vehicles. The first vehicle we purchased is a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan, followed a few months later by a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country. Our vehicles are meticulously maintained and always kept in a condition we can be proud of. Take a ride with us and see for yourself!

When it came to graphics, there could be no compromises. It had to look good, and it had to last. That’s why we turned to the professionals at Digital Ink. Josh and his team worked with us to mock up the artwork, print, cut and apply the graphics to the vehicles, as well as layout and print our business cards and our punch cards. We know who we can trust when it comes to our graphics needs, and it can be none other than the friendly professionals at Digital Ink. Check them out by clicking their logo below!

Fun Fact: 927 is a light blue van underneath a full vehicle wrap! A huge thank you to Josh and the team who pulled extra hours to finish the job!

L&L Logistics d.b.a Grab A Cab Taxi Service